A Sun State Trees Service, Inc. has been providing professional tree service for over 30 years.  We're offering low prices on tree trimmings and removals.  Avoid the summer rush and don't wait till it's to late and hurricane season is upon us. Call for a Free Estimate and have our experienced salesperson give you quote to keep your tree healthy and strong.  A Sun State Trees, Inc. is the leader in Emergency Tree Removals.  A Sun State Trees, Inc. is licensed and fully insured business operating in Florida.

A Sun State Trees, Inc. goal is to provide Safe and Speedy Service.  Our responsibility is Professional Tree Care.
Oour company is always looking toward the future, using technology and continued education to promote the importantance of proper tree care.  Urban Tree Removals in delicate locations that may pose a hazard to your family or property need to be inspected by a reputable tree company.  Our company adheres to ISA (International Society of Arborculture¬©) standards and guidelines recognized nationwide by all municipalities and governments.  TCIA (Tree Care Industry Association) training helps keep our crews and the public safe by providing safety standards and forums allowing tree service companies to network.  Knowledge of mistakes from the past can save lives and prevent tragedy.

Did you know?
Your Insurance Policy could be canceled for neglecting to care for your trees.  You or your company could be held liable if the tree on your property damages someones elses.  Dead limbs or huge tree branches called "leads" weighing hundreds of pounds falling and damaging property due to a diease or rot.  Tree canopies act as an umbrella or sail in high winds and strong gusts.  By not having your tree trimmed or "thinned out" your insurance company could deny your claim and possibly cancel your policy.
Ask our trained staff for a consultation visit to examine if your trees are being properly cared for.