Air Curtains for Trench Burning and Fireboxes have become a popular method for disposing land clearing debris. Sun State Trees will use an air curtain for trench burning if our client requests it for budget purposes or if the land consists of undesirable foliage.  In some cases we will burn and grind on job sites that have a time sensitive project. Burning palmetto, roots, palms and other vegetation that doesn't produce a viable wood product is what we normally burn if permitted by Florida Forestry Division.


Smaller operations, farms, and construction contractors have started using Fireboxes that are above ground fireproof insulated boxes with the air curtain mounted atop the box. In most cases the fireboxes are somewhat staged in a permanent location and used often to dispose of wood, vegetation, farm by-products, etc. The air curtain for trench burning we use is portable and set-up only requires digging a 40'long trench and quick assemble of the air curtain atop one side of the trench. When we are done burning and the trench has cooled down we fill the trench with soil and breakdown the air curtain for transport.

The air curtain design for trench burning and fireboxes is a very innovative system to minimize smoke and speed up the burning process.  The air flow induction is balanced in a way to expedite combustion and draw smoke back toward the box resembling a cylinder of circular air within the box.

Trench burning is is constructed according to the size of your air curtain.  If the trench is to long you won't contain the smoke or get an even burn of your material.  Not deep enough and the air will horse shoe promoting a dangerous situation. The advantages of trench burning is the portability compared to the firebox and the larger quantity you can burn. Plus clean up consists of just filling in the trench and hitching the air curtain to a standard pick-up truck.

Burn permits are required in Florida from Florida Forestry Association and in some cases the county the burn will take place.

Bio-fuels and waste fuels have been innovative endeavors since 2004.  Using wood chips or wood products like fuel pellets or bricks and converting it to electricity is not a new science but the equipment performance and fuel sources are very new innovations.   1 Megawatt per hour can power 450-800 homes.  Depending on usage and the grid supporting it. In Florida with our demands on Air Conditioning it's more realistic to say in average of 400-500 homes would equal 1 Megawatt of usage.  Using wood waste to create fuel Pellets or fire bricks to burn in an insulated cabinet in order to heat up water to steam. The steam pressure turns in electrical turbine to produce electricity.  The electricity is installed to the power grid or used to generate power for the facility. The equipment and construction of the facility is an expensive investment but pays well in short term and long term.    Creating electricity from a once considered solid waste is the direction many energy companies have looked into recently.  The allure is free fuel sources or recycled fuel sources to derive energy for profit.

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