Debris Mitigation

Debris Mitigation is the process of hauling, disposing or recycling of debris generated by natural disasters.  When a storm produces over a million tons of debris.  Local landfills and dumps aren't prepared to handle the enormous amount of debris that falls on everyone's doorstep overnight.  In the weeks after a major storm the debris builds up to levels sometimes never seen before by local municipalities.
Sun State Trees Inc. recognized the demand for specialized trucks and equipment to handle and haul the debris when Florida and other areas were numerously stuck by hurricanes before Katrina in 2005.  Since then we have implemented Grapple Trucks and other specialized trucks made strictly to haul large amounts of debris.  Major Disasters have a devastating impact on communities that eventually become a historical event for that region years to come.  It not only effects the infrastructure but peoples lives and Sun State Trees knows the best way to begin healing is to get busy helping by cleaning up the mess.

After a major storm strikes trees removed from power lines and roads are usually tended to first, then homes and businesses.  All the limbs, branches and stalks are stage next the road or R.O.W. (Right Of Way).  The next stage is hauling and that requires Grapple Trucks a.k.a. Apprentice Trucks that have large dump beds and a boom with a grapple attachment on the end to easily and safely pick up the piles on the R.O.W.  The grapple trucks then haul the debris to a site designated by local authorities or FEMA to dump all the gathered debris.  From then on the debris is reduced or burned however federal/local authorities see fit as to what to do with it.

Sun State Trees also uses other trucks built to haul wood waste and Bobcats© also called skid steers to help move wood to the R.O.W. and load trucks for hauling.  We use every truck and piece of equipment we own to get communities cleaned up as quick as possible.  It's impossible for one company to accomplish this and Sun State Trees is just a piece of a big operation with several major companies and tree crews from across the United States helping out.

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