Debris Reduction

When Debris Management is necessary for a major natural disaster then only several solutions are available to safely and efficiently collect and reduce the tons of debris that can accumulate at debris collection sites.  One of oldest options is to burn the debris which has reduction rate of 150 to 1.  In other words 150 cubic yards of wood debris can be burned and reduced to 1 cubic yard of Ash.

Sun State Trees purchased Tub grinders and Horizontal tree grinders in order to reduce the tree debris our company generated and recycle everything we can into mulch and soils.  A tree grinders ratio is normally 4-to-1 which means 4 cubic yards of tree debris can be reduced down to 1 cubic yard.  Now burning may be a lot better as far as quickly getting rid of unwanted debris but if wind conditions and dry arid weather may prevent burning from happening.  Tree grinders may not give you fast and great reduction but they can turn wood debris into a manageable commodity for several outlets.

The graph is just a mock representation of tens of thousand cubic yards that were once considered yard trash or waste and were dumped at land fill sites.  Over the years innovation and the production of large scale tree and brush grinders have changed the numbers across the board.  This does not include disaster recovery operations just wood sites that take in land clearing wood debris, tree services, landscapers and etc...


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