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Sun State Trees storm Crews are working in the Panhandle of Florida and parts of Southern Georgia removing trees from residential and commercial properties after Hurricane Michael. Panama City and beach towns Along the keys of Florida's Northern shores are almost entirely devastated. We rank Hurricane Michael as one of the worst storms to hit Florida Since Hurricane Andrew. If you see our trucks and Equipment in your area and need tree service. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our company has experienced and set precedence for many disaster debris clean up projects throughout the Southeast. Here are the services we provide: Hurricane Tree Damage Debris Right-Of-Way Services Debris Hauling Bobcat Services Debris Site Management Debris Reduction Debris Mitigation and Recycling
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The tree debris generated from national disasters like a hurricane is normally spread out over a wide area. I majority of the severe damage is concentrated usually where the bands of the storm are closest to the eye wall. When it strikes land and it can leave a swath of fallen trees on roads, electrical utilities, homes and businesses. The immediate service needed for areas after a show of force by Mother nature is fallen trees.
 A Sun State Trees, Inc. crews clear roads for emergency personnel, utility crews, and needed supplies. In order to get the heart of a region pumping again. Removing trees that have impacted homes and businesses are also tended to as we work into or out of an area that has suffered Extensive tree damage. Professional equipment and experience to remove the Storm Debris quickly and safely is what our company specializes in handling this type of Disaster Recovery.
Debris Site Management Enormous amounts of wood debris is generated from fallen trees and branches after a major storm has struck a region. The wood being picked up and hauled away by storm recovery contractors has to be staged and accounted for by the state and federal government when a national disaster is declared. FEMA, Army Corp. of Engineers, and Homeland Security are just a few of the many agencies involved in a big operation. We have set up, managed and Re-mediated several local, state and federal debris sites for hurricanes throughout the southeast and tornadoes in the Midwest. . We calculated roughly 40 million cubic yards of Wood Debris has been processed by our grinders over the years. Reducing wood debris with grinders makes it easier to manage, store and transport storm debris. What was once considered solid waste is now a recycled commodity that can be used for variety of products and Services.