Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery is when an area or region struck by a natural disaster needs help to restore those areas damaged, back to normal operation.  Sun State Tree Service travels throughout the United States aiding in the clean-up after Hurricanes, Ice-Storms, and Major Tornadoes.

Our company specializes in Disaster Recovery by assessment of the damage to an area and mobilizing tree crews to quickly react and treat people needing trees removed from power lines, homes and roads.  Our company regards this service as the most dangerous but the most rewarding to slowly see a devastated community work and get back to business.  Sun State Tree Service has provided their experience, equipment and manpower for every major hurricane since Andrew in 1991.  Our storm clean-up experience and services are widely known throughout the Southeast and will continue to be in the future.

Until a major storm strikes your home, neighborhood and town.  You have no idea how helpless it feels not being able to do the normal everyday routine or how difficult it can be to live under those circumstance.  Sun State Tree Service does understand and we get among the communities who have no power, difficult road access, damaged property and so on.  We either start from the heart of the damage and work our way out or work our way to the problem leaving clean roads and homes behind us.  It is fast hard work that has to get done.  We understand people and businesses are counting on us to get it done along with all the other companies working along side of us conducted like a giant orchestra by the Army Corp of Engineers and FEMA.


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