Sun State Tree specializes in disaster recovery after a major hurricane makes landfall. Our company provides emergency tree removals, disaster debris hauling, disaster debris site management and disaster debris mitigation.


Hurricanes with wind speeds 145mph or greater can be the strongest force of nature. Leaving damage across land for hundreds of miles. What most people don't realize about tropical cyclones is the set of hazards it carries. Intense wind powerful enough to blow down homes. Flooding from rising water, rain and storm surge. Lightning strikes in the thousands and tennis ball sized hail. Several F1 to F4 Tornadoes can manifest from the feeder bands of a hurricane.

All of these dangerous elements are spawned from one major storm. If you have hurricane tree damage.


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Over the last 30 years Sun State Tree has participated in Disaster Recovery efforts across the United States.  Our success is mobilizing crews and equipment quickly to an area we believe needs the most immediate attention. the knowledge from our past experiences and the real-time data we can access helps us map out a strategy. Opening up main arteries to communities, trees felled on structures and utility services takes priority. It allows more help to enter and exit that area. plus insures power, water and communications services can be restored.


Helping communities recover quickly is a very rewarding feeling and also our prerogative when entering a Disaster Recovery environment. We've had hundreds of residents and business owners praise us for our services throughout the Southeast. Our crews will work from dawn to dusk, 7 days a week for months straight Cleaning Up storm damage and emergency tree services. We also provide debris removal for customers and local governments whose contractors need assistance depending on the severity of the damage. Managing disaster debris sites and debris staging areas for local and federal agencies providing debris accountability, reduction and disposal is another facet of service we provide.


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After setting up a temporary base of operations for crews to sleep and a location to access fuel.  Our crews devote most of our attention to emergency tree jobs. Areas that have lost power and need assistance clearing electrical lines or fallen trees. Clearing access for major highways into local neighborhoods are also priority. Removing fallen trees on residential and commercial properties that have damaged structures. Our goal is to free up access for communities and allow repair services to restore and operate freely.


Our strategy is simple and that's to clear a path to the epicenter of the diaster. In most cases local tree companies are already entrenched in the epicenter servicing clients. They are first and familiar with the surroundings and we have always communicated to local companies are intension to help not hurt. If the area is under control not needing our services or assistance then we choose another major roadway that leads away from the epicenter. Now the area with the most damage has more traffic options and repair services become more successful. Disaster Aid can move into the area quicker and communities can begin to feel the recovery.


Sun State Tree has worked in the past for:



private customers

Business Owners

local municipal governments

Army Corp of Engineers






The next volley of services we provide a national disaster is the clean up or debris services. The job of removing trees and limbs lasts well into the second phase of disaster recovery efforts depending on the severity. but mainly the 2nd phase is moving tree debris to the R.O.W. (Right-Of-Way) and picking up the debris with grapple trucks to haul it away.


The Right-of-way is an area of your property you own but the local government has the right to utilize for development expansion or times of need. Usually the ROW is located at the front of your property from the sidewalk to the street. All the disaster debris or tree debris is staged here for pick-up. Local governments contract companies months in advance before a disaster to reserve the services of a contractor.


Our company provides debris removal for emergency tree service and major tree debris clean up jobs. we later sub-contract for local governments, if needed, picking up and hauling debris to disaster debris sites. Hauling disaster debris is a major operation that lasts throughout the entire operation of disaster recovery. Moving the debris to a site that will reduce or dispose of materials is an essential part of the clean up process.  Sun State Tree deploys:



Grapple Trucks

Bobcat skid steers

dump trucks

heavy haulers

Walking floor trailers






The finishing services we offer for disaster recovery efforts are Disaster Debris Mitigation and Disaster Debris Site management.  Depending on the local governments disaster plan and if they have contracted services in advance. When FEMA and the federal government is involved and footing the bill for hauling debris. It's the debris sites responsibility to account for all the cubic yardage or tons that have been delivered to debris sites for disposal. The totals are checked, audited and re-audited by a law firm appointed by the state and federal government to disperse funds.


Debris mitigation is the task of removing the debris from the debris site to it's final location.  We offer industrial grinding services to reduce wood debris stalks, dominant limbs and root balls into wood chips or mulch. the wood chips are easier to transport and the volume reduction ratio is 3.75 to 1. which means 3.75 cubic yards of raw wood can be ground and fit in the same truck only filling up 1 cubic yard of space. Some states are allowed to burn the wood debris in order to circumvent the cost of reduction. but in some cases grinding reduction is required to prevent risks of smoke and fire.


Sun State Trees has promoted recycling wood for decades and our form of mitigation is finding a resource outlet:


Hog Fuel or Wood Pellets

ethanol fuel from wood chips

Mulch for gardening & aesthetics

Paper products

Soil amendments & Stability

Disaster Recovery Stages of Service

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