Land Clearing Services A Sun State Trees, Inc. provides land clearing services for contractors and site developers throughout Central Florida. Land Clearing is a stage in site work construction in which trees and foliage are removed from raw land so construction can begin. The earth is raked of large roots and all of the wood debris produced from the land clearing operation is chipped up and hauled off to various vendors. Our company uses giant wood chippers called "grinders" to reduce heavy wood that's difficult to handle and transport into wood chips or mulch. After the wood is ground into mulch we can easily handle, load and transport a recycled product and renewable commodity. Costs of hauling and disposal are reduced considerably compared to traditional site operations and solid waste disposal fees. If permitted, burning the cleared wood debris with an approved Air Curtain can accelerate the time table of project. Both options grinding and burning negate the cost of solid waste fees and keep our land fills cleaner. The land clearing division works on projects year round for site developers and contractors. A Sun State Trees, Inc owns and operates heavy equipment such as excavators and wheel loaders to process, load and handle raw or processed wood debris. Tub and horizontal grinders chip the wood into mulch and our semi-tractor trailers are loaded to haul the mulch away. In some cases we utilize our deck screens to separate heavily soiled wood debris, mostly raked roots, to minimize the contamination of soil in our mulch. Call for a Free Estimate
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Sun State Tree purchased it's first tub grinder in 1998 to chip large pieces of wood from our tree trimming and removal jobs to minimize disposal costs. Tree stalks and branches that were to large to be processed through the brush chipper were set aside to be ground up later. The mulch we produced from grinding was stocked and sold to customers wholesale at our nursery and mulch bedding for our landscaping jobs. Over time we were approached by mulch manufacturing and bagging facilities looking for a reliable supply of wood chips and we invested in our company hoping to expand our operations. Hurricane Katrina coincided with the purchase of an additional tub and horizontal grinder which were used to grind debris sites for FEMA. After Hurricane Katrina we had 3 industrial wood grinders in our possession and only enough work for one, so our company looked into diversifying our wood grinding operations for Land Clearing. If it could save our company costs on disposal fees, it would surely be beneficial to site developers, land clearing contractors and builders. So we began to offer our services to site development companies, which we were initially met with skepticism. But after completing a few projects developers could see the project savings compared to conventional land clearing. The simple fact our services were cost effective and contractors didn't have to exhaust their project schedule to clear and dispose of debris is what makes it attractive. Today we service several top tier site developers and our wood grinding fleet has grown as well. It's our hope in the near future the services we provide developers can be recognized by state and federal agencies as a "green friendly company".

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