Lot Clearing


General Contractors and Private Builders wanting to clear their lot for construction can trust in Sun State Tree to give them quick cost-saving service. Lot clearing or site prep is a phase of construction to remove trees, roots and foliage in order to begin laying down the foundation for a home or small building. Land Clearing is the exact same service but on a much larger scale (5 - 100 acre parcel).

Lot Clearing parcels are normally  .15 - 2 acres in size but still require heavy equipment to remove and dispose the the debris.



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New Construction in Florida is booming and not just community developments but private owners building the custom home of their dreams.  General Contractors with several parcels wanting to build custom homes for profit.  In some cases customers buy a lot in a large development with the intention to build in the near future and require our services.


Our company transports, mobilizes and operates our own heavy equipment to cater to the customers needs. When you need to communicate with the operators, drivers and owner about changes or revisions to clearing your lot. You deal directly with us and not a sub-contractor in order to prevent delays and give you personalized service.

Property Owners and Real Estate Developers with small commercial parcels have recently been using our services to improve the selling aesthetic of their raw land.

Marketing the land as "Ready to Build" or "Site Prepped" to encourage and allow potential buyers a clear view of the entire property.

Developers take photos of cleared properties and produce computer generated mock ups of proposed commercial buildings to show investors.

Finally some property owners use are service because of certain code enforcements for untamed properties that development has grown around. Warnings or violations due to fire hazard, vagrancy, or newly implemented codes of unsightly lots because of the new development around a parcel.

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