Mulch Manufacturing

Grinding is very important to our business and grinding trees into mulch is the best way to reduce wood stalks, limbs and branches for a number or reasons.  Mulch is easier to transport than bulky tree parts. It fills up space easily and is one of the reasons it's used as landscape bedding.  Mulch isn't toxic or especially harmful, it's organic and biodegradable.  It's becoming a sought-after commodity as innovation now can produce fuel from wood chips.  People are investing in better wood stoves that require less wood fuel than needed before in the form of pellets.  Energy plants today are supplied wood pellets that are used to fuel our homes electricity.
Sun State Trees Inc, only produces mulch in bulk for distributors and we do carry supply color mulch.  You can still buy mulch in bulk from us but through our sister business SOD EXPRESS NURSERY.


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Red Gold Natural Brown Black
Colored Mulch adds a very attractive contrast to your landscape bedding. Sun State Trees Inc. dies our own mulch for our landscaping customers, distributors, and custom client needs. If we can find your color we can die it to fresh mulch and have it delivered to your home.
Red and Brown mulch is very popular with commercial landscapes and homes with with brightly colored flower beds. Darker mulch makes annuals pop out with color as the brighter mulches are more a clean appeal for your bedding around ornamental trees and Oaks.

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