Stump Grinding

Most of our customers that have a tree removed also have the stump left from the tree groud down. A stump grinder is a a gas-powered motor attached to a disk which spins the teeth slowly tear apart the stump.  The operator moves the disk in a sweeping motion to safely take down the stump below the grass line if possible.

Fine wood chips are left over from the grinding process that can be used for bedding around trees and flower beds.  If you don't want the left over grindings make sure you let the us know beforehand so the stump grinding operator is prepared to remove them.


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Stump grinding is priced by the diameter of the stump by many tree businesses.  You can find coupons or specials by tree companies in the newspaper or on-line.  Check our website for coupons on-line that could save you money on removals and stump grinding.  It's also good to have a plan of what you want to do after the stump is ground, the wood chips are removed and the area where the stump was is leveled off.

Here are a few ideas :

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