Tree Removals A Sun State Trees, Inc. has been providing tree removal services throughout the Southeast for over 30 years. Based in Longwood, Florida we offer tree services very few local companies can match. Our company specializes in Urban Tree Removals or Close Quarter Tree Surgery. Trees that have matured to the point they are stricken by disease or become unmanageable are sometimes located very close to your home or business. In order to safely remove the tree we rope off and cut small sections of the tree and lower it down. If there is room to mobilize, we use a crane to safely and quickly remove larger branches and leads during a removal. Once the tree is cut down and set out to the Right Of Way (R.O.W.) the wood is cut down into logs to make it easier to move or put through the chipper. Grapple trucks and Bobcats are used to pick up heavy pieces of wood and load them into grapple truck beds or trucks with dump beds. Then the wood is taken to our Wood Yard for recycling.
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Sun State Trees offers Emergency Tree Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a tree has fallen unexpectedly onto your home, car, or business and it needs to be taken care of immediately, this is classified as an Emergency. If you have serious damage to your structure such as roof and/or wall damage, broken utilities like water or electrical power and the fallen tree is preventing repair then that would be considered Emergency Tree Service. The tree or wood needs to be removed immediately so temporary repairs can be made to prevent your homes exposure to the elements. Sun State Tree responds immediately to Emergency Tree Jobs to remove the tree or wood quickly and safely from the damaged area and we haul off the wood usually within 24 hours.
La comunidad hispana es una importante base de clientes ignorada por muchas compañías forestales. Algunos de nuestros clientes hispanos prefieren hablar español para que entiendan y comuniquen los servicios que desean. Tenemos vendedores bilingües que pueden proporcionarle respuestas a sus preguntas. Contamos con un equipo profesional que habla español para que podamos llegar con nuestra compañía de principio a fin con confianza.
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Tree companies use several organizations to help our industry conduct itself as a bona-fide service for homeowners and businesses. Two of the top organizations that develop guidelines and standards are ISA, the International Society of Arborist and TCIA, Tree Care Industry Association. Both of these organizations have shaped the modern tree industry by promoting safety training, best business practices, and healthy tree growth. Both ISA and TCIA publish training material for tree surgery, climbing/rigging techniques, arborist certification, and tree care. Sun State Trees has training material we provide our employees as continued education or evaluating an employee's knowledge base who is seeking upward mobility in the company and a career in the tree industry. Our training material is also used to promote and reaffirm safety procedures for employees. We have training modules for Groundsmen Safety, Climbing/Rigging, Chainsaw Safety, Fall Prevention, Skid Steer/Forklift Safety, Crane Rigging/Safety, Bucket Trucks, Electrical Power line Safety, Fire Prevention and Medical/Emergency Procedures. These are just a few of the many courses and procedures we provide our employees to instill a work-safe environment.