Licensed & Insured Before hiring anyone to work at your home make sure they have the correct credentials. Licensed to operate a business and Insurance to cover the customer and company.
Tree Trimming Trimming your trees is an essential task in order to keep a tree strong and healthy. A Sun State Trees, Inc. has been serving Central Florida residence and businesses tree trimming services for over 25 years. There are a few different types of surgical operations performed on a tree in order to create an aesthetic look and promote growth. It's good to know the differences before deciding which trimming service is right for you.



A Sun State Tree, Inc. has always provided Free Estimates and will continue to do so in the future. Diagnosing trees for disease, dysfunctional growth, evaluating hazardous trees that have fell or could potentially fall is the job of every Arborist. In most cases a permit is required to remove a tree within a city's limits. Check your local city website for more information. A Sun State Trees, Inc. provides residential and commercial tree services to Seminole, Orange, Osceola, Lake, and Volusia county. Our crews run daily, year round in order to keep up with new and existing customers needing professional tree service. Our company sets itself apart from other tree businesses by having the ability to undertake the big tree jobs. Complex tree surgeries requiring certain equipment is only readily available to a handful of companies in Central Florida. A Sun State Tree is the best choice when it comes to tending to your trees.
Tree Surgery Terms Here are a few of the most frequently used terms for different types of tree surgery. Thin & Raise Thin and Raise is how we describe trimming a tree's limbs within the branch structure of the trees canopy. Removing limbs and branches that drape downward and cutting lower branches flush with the stalk to raise or lift the canopy. Thinning and Raising a tree helps it survive from being blown over because air can pass through it more freely. Side Wall Side wall is a term we use when we cut limbs and branches along a borderline. Utility companies practice this surgery often to keep overhead power lines clear of the branches. TopPing & Shaping Topping is rarely practiced and usually only on a very mature tree with a full canopy. The lead limb closest to the center of gravity for the tree is cut at the uppermost part of the trees canopy. This squared of top then needs to have its sides shaped back to a well rounded canopy.
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