Tree Trimming

Having your Trees Trimmed every 2-3 years is the best way to protect your home and your wallet.  You can actually save money in the long run by having your trees trimmed regularly during the course of its life.  Waiting longer than 5 years can make a tree grow wild and out of control, the limbs get to big to handle by hand.  It then takes specialty equipment like bucket trucks to reach areas safety and "block down" sections of an enormous limb to lift a tree's canopy.  Extra weight is taken off the stalk and your tree is free to grow tall and strong.

Severe Storms and high wind gusts can fill the canopy of a large tree and act as an umbrella toppling the strongest of trees.  In most cases it uproots the tree right from the ground or splits the tree where the large branches meet the stalk.


Trimming a tree thins out the canopy and helps the wind pass through the branches avoiding damages.  In some cases homeowners insurance will not cover the damage a tree has done if they notice you have neglected maintaining your tree.  Trimming is very affordable compared to the costs of an emergency tree service visit or removal and repairs to damages.

What to know about Tree Trimming: Saves money Prevents Damage Healthy Tree

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