Tub & Horizontal Wood Grinding Industrial grinders for trees and wood have been around since 1869 when J.M. Voith received his first patent for a wood grinder to grind wood for pulp in the production of paper. In 1928, Schutte-Buffalo patented the first hammermill, a major component in grinders, that is still the center of design for most modern wood chippers. Innovation progressed over the years and in 1947, W.H.O. Manufacturing patented the first tub grinder. W.H.O. (Walter Henry Oberwortmann) Manufacturings original patent expired in 1969 but from these beginnings other companies designed and manufactured custom wood grinders that have evolved into the industry it is today. Wood Grinders are used by paper mills, lumber mills, solid waste facilities, land clearing contractors, mulch manufacturers, and bio-mass plants. Each machine is mostly fabricated by hand and made in the U.S.A. The two designs which have been prevalent for grinders over the years are the Tub Grinder and the Horizontal Grinder. Both grinder designs have their pros & cons but they equally perform great in reducing wood. A Sun State Trees, Inc. has owned and operated both types of grinders since 1996. We've used them for Disaster Debris Mitigation, Mulch Products, Land Clearing Services and Biomass Fuel Surplus. Our company is constantly hunting for new ideas and innovative strategies to use our grinders and the wood resources it provides.
Tub grinders are great for land clearing services and reducing green waste. The tub allows big root balls and stumps to be loaded atop or inside the tub to rest over the hammermill. the hammermill is a huge steel cylinder spun at the base of the tub with steel teeth attached to it. The hammermill Grinds and smashes wood into a strong steel grate that only allows certain sized wood to fall below onto the conveyor and be piled as mulch. Green Waste can be loaded up in the Tub reducing 1200 cubic yards per hour of Foliage. Tub Grinders have very high production rates grinding tree debris, pallets and regrinds. Horizontal Grinders are built for the tough jobs in tough places. They are also great for land clearing services and mulching. Horizontals Grinders have a good production rate using a long horizontal deck that the wood is loaded onto and then fed to the hammermill/screen. Long stalks can be laid on the deck allowing a more stable processing and hammermill feed. 100% of our companies 
by-product is recycled. wood is chipped to mulch, Mulch is screened and Fine Mulch is Separated.
From wood to soil our company recycles everything organic.
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The Tub Grinders and Horizontal Grinders we own and operate are very expensive pieces of equipment that require routine maintenance and "wear parts". Wear parts are pieces of the equipment that will eventually need to be replaced. The parts have a violent job from the moment they're installed until the time it needs to be replaced due to wear. The hammermill is an enormous spool of steel parts with teeth or hammer inserts protruding on the outer edge of the mill (spool). As the mill spins inside the grinder, wood is fed to it by way of conveyor belt and the battle begins. The hammer inserts spin around at high rpm so when wood meets it, the mill will actually clobber chips off the wood forcing the chips to be ground against a steel screen. The chips that fall through the screen are then conveyed into a pile to be stored or transported. Experienced mechanics to repair and service these machines is rare, if not impossible to find. So over the years we've become more knowledgeable and through a lot of trial and error. We perform most of the repairs and maintenance on our Morbark, Diamond Z and CBI grinders in order to keep our fleet operational. The support we've received over the years from manufacturers, engineers, parts suppliers and mechanics has been priceless. A SUN STATE TREES, INC. WANTS TO THANK EVERYONE IN THE WOOD GRINDING INDUSTRY FOR ALL THEIR HELP AND ASSISTANCE OVER THE LAST 20 YEARS.