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A Sun State Trees, Inc. has been manufacturing mulch for 20 years and remains a leader in central Florida Wood recycling and tub grinding. Our company accepts wood from tree companies pruning and removals , Land Clearing debris from site developers, and green waste generated by landscaping professionals. Our Wood Yards are open 5 to 6 days a week. Wood recycling Is a big part of our company and a big part of Florida's 75% Recycling Goal ending in 2020. S.O.P.F. Source-separated organic processing facilities across Florida have contributed annual reports to F.D.E.P. Florida Department of Environmental Protection in order to track Yard Trash recycling and add our part to the recycling goal.







Wood Recycling is a division within our company born by necessity and innovation. Yard Trash is the term used to describe plant material from landscapers and wood cut from trees intended for disposal. Waste disposal fees per ton can get very expensive and sometimes the facilities will refuse to accept the material because of a seasonal influx in tree pruning and removals. When our company suffered setbacks financially from the inconsistency of having a place to drop our wood and the costs when we could. The owner envisioned having a wood yard to drop off tree debris and process the wood into mulch for his nursery and landscaping company. Our company invested in it's first tub grinder and we began processing our wood from the tree jobs. Over time, more tree companies needing a place to dispose of the wood they were generating from tree jobs asked if they could drop off their wood at our yard. We moved our location to a larger property and started to accept tree debris from other companies for a tipping fee. Once we started taking in wood and processing mulch several bagging and distribution companies approached us about our mulch. The rest is history but over the course of our journey we've made mistakes and discovered or invented new resources and outlets for our wood chips. Sludge amendment for Reedy Creek, Bio-Mass for gas-fired power plants, erosion control and we're continuing to discover more. A Sun State Trees, Inc. manages and operates 2 wood recycling facilities in the Orlando Area. The FDEP and local county agencies classify us as a Source Organic Processing Facility, but we simply like to refer to them as Wood Yards. Wood has been a commodity for hundreds of years and heavily connected to our industrial growth. Recycling wood is something we enjoy doing and We feel were making a positive impact on Environment. We'll continue to seek out new innovations that improve our industry.
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