Sun State Tree operated it's first wood grinding location in Casselberry, Florida on property next to our office. We were looking for way to reduce the cost of solid waste disposal fees for our wood debris produced from the daily tree work. The mulch from grinding wood makes it easier to load and transport. The land was too small and operations were crowded if the grinders were down for a period of time.

After 20 years of buying, operating and repairing tub and horizontal grinders. We've finally earned a small spot in our industry using innovative ways to use our grinders and finding unique outlets for our mulch.

2301 Silver Meteor Dr.

Orlando, Florida 32803




8am - 5pm

Monday - Saturday

100% of the organic debris dropped at our yard is recycled.  Over the years we've developed a network of vendors and suppliers utilizing our wood products. We had no idea how many products and services used wood and as innovations progress the demand grows.

The wood products we currently supply clients are :



Wood Chips- chipped wood 2 inches and larger

Wood Fines - sawdust and fibrous wood

Dirty Mulch - ground vegetation with high soil content

Clean Mulch - clean and screened wood chips 2 inches or less

Wood and Vegetation Only


No Construction and Demolition

No Concrete or Rock

No Soil or Fill Dirt

No Plastics or Vinyl

No Glass or Metals

No Tires


Tipping Fee $7.00 per yard

Palms $10.00 per yard

Pull Off Fee (unload) $10.00


Stay in your vehicle at all times, unless you're checking into the office or removing ropes or straps for unloading.

A Sun State Tree Inc is not responsible for personal items damaged or lost at the wood yard. Keep water coolers, tools, saws and other items stowed away.

In 2019 over

15 million tons of wood

was recycled in Florida

7 million cubic yards is enough mulch to fill

3 NFL stadiums to the top

Trees have been a renewable resource since mankind made tools and discovered fire.  Today we take every single piece of wood from clearing jobs, tree companies, landscaping businesses and wherever else we can find it to our wood yard for processing.

If your business or research could benefit from any of our wood products please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. New business and development of innovative products and services has been the growth behind our wood yard since the beginning.



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