Wood Recycling is as old as Firewood itself and Sun State Trees is happy to see it becoming popular once again. The timber we remove from businesses and homes become 1 of 2 things now.
Firewood or Mulch.
A Sun State Trees, Inc. provides Firewood year round to restaurants, schools, farms, and homeowners.

Above is a cord of wood which can be 400-500 pieces of firewood.
Sun State Tree sells it by the truckload which equals about 1/2 cord.
Half a truckload is a 1/4 cord of wood.

A Sun State Trees, Inc. also manufactures wood chips or mulch for a variety of uses. Customers include Solid Waste Facilities, Power Plants, Mulch Distributors, and Landscaping Companies.
Wood Chips are becoming a very popular commodity in Bio-Mass and Bio-Fuel studies, using it as fuel for power plants or producing Ethanol fuel.